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9-11 YEARS
Shabir Ahmad Mir

'In times like these, truth is perhaps the only justice we can have, the only...(+)

Author Spotlight

Stephenie Meyer is the author of the number one bestselling Twilight Saga, ...(+)

  Stephenie Meyer  
Felicity Wishes Big Book of Magical Mishaps
Emma Thomson

Classification : Anthology
Pub Date : Dec 02, 2004
Imprint : Hodder Children's Books
Page Extent : 304
Binding : PB
ISBN : 9780340882238
Price : 299

About the book
Things always seem to go wrong for Felicity Wishes, even though her intentions are good! But with her optimistic attitude and fantastic friends, she always manages to come out on top!

A big book about a little fairy.
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Emma Thomson
Emma Thompson is a fine artist with over nine years experience of illustrating products for all of the major high street chains and has close links with MandS for whom she has launched two extremely s...(+)
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