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9-11 YEARS
Ramya Ramamurthy

What happens when prominent brands:


Author Spotlight

This year's winner of the Thinkers 50 Lifetime Achievement Award and the CEO Reads Lifetime ...(+)

  Tom Peters  
Wondering how to get your book published?
Submission guidelines for Adult and Business Books (general fiction, non-fiction and translations)

We do not accept any unsolicited material. We only accept submissions sent to us via a literary agent. Please note that Hachette India takes no responsibility for proposals sent directly to us.

The list given below is an indicative list of agents available with us, and is not meant to be either an updated or an all-encompassing list. Writers may submit a manuscript via any established literary agent, provided the agent is registered as a literary agency business.

Please also note that Hachette India does not recommend or endorse any particular agency, and the listing below does not mean that Hachette India is undertaking to accept a book submission made through an agent. Writers may engage and/or choose agents of their own volition and risk. Hachette India shall not be liable for any commitments, transactions or disagreements between writers and the literary agents they have opted for.

The Book Bakers: Contact person: Suhail Mathur (
Jacaranda Literary Agency: Contact person: Jayapriya Vasudevan ( Website:
Kadalu Literary Agency: Contact person: Sridhara Aghalaya ( Website:
Lotus Lane Literary: Contact Person: Priya Doraswamy ( Website:
Purple Folio: Contact person: Urmila Dasgupta ( Website:
RedInk Literary Agency: Contact person: Anuj Bahri ( Website:
SBI Impresario Pvt. Ltd: Contact person: Sorab Irani ( Website:
Sherna Khambatta Literary Agency: Contact person: Sherna Khambatta ( Website:
Siyahi: Contact person: Mita Kapur ( Website:
Writer’s Side: Contact person: Kaniskha Gupta ( Website:
Labyrinth Literary Agency: Contact person: Anish Chandy ( Website:
Submission guidelines for Children’s (general fiction, non-fiction and translations) and Reference Books
We do accept direct submissions in this segment. Please send your manuscripts for children’s books and reference (all ages) titles only to c&
1. To ensure a quick reply, please email us the following:
ONE-PAGE proposal that outlines the plot/structure of the book, introduces the characters, and profiles the target readership;
three sample chapters to help us get an idea of your writing style;
three samples of artwork if applicable;
a short author bio, no more than 200 words
2.  We prefer soft copy submissions (.doc, .rtf or .pdf) and discourage you from sending printed manuscripts by post.
3. We only accept submissions in English. Translations into English are welcome.
4. Email submissions will receive an immediate automated acknowledgment, and a decision from us within eight weeks.
5. Calling for a full manuscript or asking for revisions do not constitute a commitment to publish.
6. Please note that we do not provide feedback or suggestions on how to improve rejected manuscripts.
7. Please do not mail proposals belonging to the adults and business category to our children’s submission account.
If you have any further questions, please write to us at c&