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Anti-piracy alert: All genuine Hachette reprints carry a four level hologram (with Hachette logo and a unique serial number) on the back cover, as an identifier of authenticity. For more details see


Hachette India invests a lot in bringing you a quality product made on responsibly sourced and certified papers and boards. All our books are printed on FSC certified paper. Please be sure that you get a genuine product. Say No to piracy.

Unfortunately a lot of counterfeit books are pirated and sold both online (by unscrupulous pirates masquerading as market place vendors) as well as on the street. These sales –often at suspiciously low prices— have a number of problems.

  • First and foremost they are illegal. These copies are intellectual property theft (no different from stealing a bag or car)
  • They deprive the author of their rightful livelihood and earnings,
  • They hit the publisher’s revenues impacting their ability to be able to invest in more authors and books that are vitally needed to further any knowledge economy
  • Counterfeiters pay no taxes or duties and thereby hit the economy
  • They do not comply with basic manufacturing standards for the health and safety of workers or product quality and performance.
  • “piracy is not a victimless crime” : Revenues from piracy have been found to go to fund organized crime and even terrorism.
  • This page is about physical books but digital piracy is also a crime the same way


  • Pirated/counterfeit products are generally made with no attention to quality, so most of them are identifiable as fake from the quality of paper and printing
  • Often the price is suspiciously low
  • There may be typos (errors of spelling and grammar) in the cover or blurb


  • All our reprinted books (especially bestseller) have a multi-level hologram that cannot be counterfeited
  • The hologram will not be a shiny flat sticker but will have holographic properties and depth where multiple elements will be visible:
  • Like an embossed and kinetic effect,
  • The Hachette India logo will be evident as a full visible element
  • Here will be a Guilloche pattern (a type of decorative engraving similar to those done a watch dial or a case/caseback)
  • There will be Microtext where you will be able to read multiple elements like Hachette original or genuine
  • There will be unique serial numbers

There are at least 6-7 other elements (which will be visible to a trained eye or scanner only), but the above will serve for a quick spot check.

Get your money’s worth. Support writers. Buy original and genuine only.

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