The City of Lies

Michael Russell

Dublin September 1940.

An IRA attempt to capture the British diplomatic bag on its way from Ireland to England leaves a Guard dead on the streets of Dublin. Two days later a pitched battle between warring gangs erupts at one of Ireland's biggest race meetings. In the Irish countryside the cremated bodies of a family of four are found in their burned-out house.

Connections between these events become clear to Detective Inspector Stefan Gillespie when he is dispatched to investigate the four dead bodies - or is he there to cover something up? He is soon treading on the toes of Ireland's burgeoning Intelligence industry - Irish British and German all playing against each other all watching each other all plagued by rogue operators they can't control. Meanwhile certainty grows that Hitler is about to invade England with Ireland in the firing line.

And then Stefan is asked to go to Berlin on a sensitive mission the Irish government doesn't want anyone to know about. The journey will take him not only to Berlin and the heart of the war but to a murder that touches the city's small Irish community and opens a window on to the heart of Europe's darkness...


  • Classification : Thriller, Crime & Mystery
  • Pub Date : MAY 4, 2017
  • Imprint : Constable
  • Page Extent : 368
  • Binding : TPB
  • ISBN : 9781472121950
  • Price : INR 999

Michael Russell

After a successful career as a television writer and producer working on such series as A Touch of Frost Midsomer Murders and Between the Lines Michael Russell decided to write what he had always wanted to: books.

The City in Darkness is the third of his Stefan Gillespie stories of historical crime fiction taking a sideways look at the Second World War through Irish eyes and exploring some unexpected corners of the conflict such as Danzig New York and in The City in Darkness the cities of Franco's Spain. The first two Stefan Gillespie novels The City of Shadows and The City of Strangers were both shortlisted for Crime Writers' Association awards.

Michael lives with his family in West Wicklow in Ireland not a million miles from Stefan Gillespie's home.


Facebook: michaelrussellforgottencities

Twitter: @forgottencities

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